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Piracy Giant Now Points to MPA/ACE ‘Seized Domain’ Nameservers * TorrentFreak

zoro-to-s1For at least five years, major rightsholders in the United States have issued regular warnings that Vietnam represents an emerging piracy threat.

Pirate site brands, including 123movies, Putlocker, Kisscartoon, 123movieshub, and GoMovies, were suddenly recognized all over the world, despite in many cases having been copied from ‘pirate’ brands already in existence. After the US Ambassador to Vietnam got involved in 2018, calling on government officials to launch criminal prosecutions, several persistent sites suddenly shut down.

Over time, several hundred domains reappeared online with similar branding, but none were as relevant or persistent as those previously removed from the market. Instead, a series of soon-to-be ‘mega brands’ were gaining a foothold, some on their way to 100 million, 150 million, then 200+ million visits per month – each.

Hollywood Visits Vietnam

Despite important legal developments in Vietnam earlier this year, it was still unclear whether the…

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