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Piracy is Difficult to Compete Against and Growing Rapidly * TorrentFreak

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As a member of ACE and the MPA, Netflix is at the frontline of the global battle against online piracy. The company doesn’t often address the subject directly but in a recent SEC filing, Netflix writes that it’s difficult to compete against the free entertainment piracy offers. Not only that, it’s growing rapidly too.

netflix logonetflix logoFrom the launch of its online streaming service fifteen years ago, Netflix positioned itself as a piracy competitor.

The idea was to take market share away from piracy sites, by offering a legal and more convenient streaming platform.

Initially, this seemed to work. Netflix amassed hundreds of millions of subscribers, some of whom left their piracy habits behind. However, as the ‘streaming wars’ turned legal and convenient streaming platforms into isolated and pricey content silos, momentum started to shift.

In recent years piracy started to grow again, including in well-served markets such as the United States. In theory, this may help…

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