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Piracy Law “Will Wipe Out” ISPs as Fans Vent Fury Over DAZN Hikes Prices * TorrentFreak

Pirate FireFrench football club Paris Saint-Germain holds the record for purchasing the two most expensive players in the world; Neymar for €222 million and Kylian Mbappe for €145 million.

In 2022, PSG reported losses of €368 million, with reports suggesting that Mbappe’s contract will end up costing the club around €630 million euros.

Barcelona, one of Spain’s most iconic clubs, has an average match crowd of more than 83,000 fans, but is also €1.35 billion in the red. Manchester United is almost a billion pounds in debt, and according to a recent report, the majority of all clubs in the UK are “hugely loss-making.”

Italy Goes Hard on Pirates

Italian clubs also have debt problems; Inter Milan (€390m), Roma (€271m) and Juventus (€223m), for example. Top-tier Italian football clubs, broadcasters, and the government together concluded that since piracy must be mostly to blame, nothing should be off-limits in their quest to stamp it out.

Earlier this month, the Italian…

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