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The massively popular anime pirate site Aniwatch has a new name. The site, which was known as just a year ago, just rebranded to HiAnime. The site’s staff doesn’t explain the latest brand switch but a recent ‘dynamic+’ site blocking order in India may have factored into their decision. With well over 100 million monthly visits globally, there is a lot at stake.

hianimehianimeAnime is growing globally as an entertainment category and this popularity surge isn’t limited to legal platforms.

Today, several of the world’s largest pirate sites are exclusively dedicated to anime. This includes, the streaming portal that operated as earlier last year.

The streaming portal, which is arguably the largest pirate site in the world, is a prime target for anti-piracy groups. The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), for example, is actively trying to shut the platform down, which they believe is operated from Vietnam.

Last year, ACE had…

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