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Piracy Shield 2.0 IPTV Blocking Costs Will Be Paid By Italian Taxpayers * TorrentFreak

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If all goes according to plan, Italy’s Piracy Shield IPTV blocking system will be retired at the end of the year. In its place, Piracy Shield 2.0, a tech platform likely to be billed as the most formidable anti-piracy system on the planet. Year one running costs of two million euros will be paid by Italian taxpayers, rather than the main beneficiaries, some of the world’s most famous football clubs.

piracyshield-2Like many sensible businesses, paying as little tax as legally possible is a priority for corporations in the entertainment and professional sports sectors.

The difference with many of these giants is that some governments work quite hard to ensure that goal is met.

In the UK, tax breaks are on full display at Companies House; when a foreign company engineers, let’s say, a £6 million annual loss when making a movie, the government swoops in with a tax bill that credits £6 million. Or £10 million, or multiples of that over several…

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