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The source code of Italian anti-piracy platform Piracy Shield appears to have been leaked online. Nine repositories claim to contain everything from the front end, data models, storage and filesystem, through to the platform’s API and internal documentation. Presented with a manifesto of sorts, the unknown leaker claims that Piracy Shield “isn’t just a failed attempt to combat online piracy,” it’s a “dangerous gateway” to censorship “disguised as a solution to piracy.”

Logo piracy shieldEver since Italian authorities announced their intent to introduce an even more aggressive anti-piracy blocking system than the one already in place, controversy has rarely been far behind.

Recent reports of avoidable overblocking, a reluctance to admit that the Piracy Shield system is fallible, and new reports that telecoms regulator AGCOM is now rejecting complaints from wrongfully blocked Cloudflare customers, are just some of the ingredients in a volatile mix that…

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