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Piracy Shield’s First Targets Blocked, Pirate Boxes Discovered in Italian Prison * TorrentFreak

Piracyshield-logoPiracyshield-logoWhen over 100 officers of Italy’s ‘Penitentiary Police’ carried out a massive anti-contraband operation inside the Velletri prison last week, the spoils were widely reported in the media.

The seizure of a small amount of drugs got a mention, likewise the seizure of six phones, chargers, and a PlayStation console.

But what really sparked imaginations was the discovery of pirate set-top boxes, which apparently allowed users to “access various pay TV contents such as Sky, Netflix, DAZN.”

An image accompanying a Polizia Penitenziaria article raises more questions than it answers. Who would smuggle an Android device in a box that doubles its size? Even without the box, do traditional prison smuggling methods have the capacity to accommodate something of this size?

prison piratesprison pirates

Fortunately, these aren’t the devices that were actually seized. The pair discovered in the operation were Amazon Fire TV Sticks, which does make a lot more sense, even when bundled with remote controls.


You can read the full Torrent Freak article here

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