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Pirate Add-ons Only Care About Popularity or Money * TorrentFreak

But some are illegal. A few are both illegal and just downright nasty, and some rogue developers even think your hardware is their hardware.

These developers and the surrounding ecosystem only care about popularity or money. Yes, they do make money from you, selling that marvellous VPN that you so desperately need to feel safe, showing you ads galore, promising everything for free.

Now, if it sounds like it can’t be legit because it literally sounds too good to be true and that they must be dodgy or bonkers doing all this for nothing, I can tell you your spidey senses are absolutely correct.

It is too good to be true and there is no such thing as a free lunch.

We can see the appeal of Kodi builds, but please stop using them. Help us improve our documentation, suggest usability improvements, a feature, whatever helps us improve Kodi.

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