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Pirate IPTV Astrologer Received Signals But Failed to Predict Copyright Lawsuit * TorrentFreak

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A self-styled astrologer, who allegedly sold subscriptions to a 10,000 channel pirate IPTV service, was warned that his illegal business had no future. A complaint filed at a California court claims the defendant believed he had enough time and space to dodge a cease-and-desist. Ultimately, the stars failed to align, rendering an inevitable copyright infringement lawsuit impossible to predict.

tv future-stv future-sThanks to a global pooling of knowledge and intelligence, answers to our most difficult questions are just a few clicks away on the internet today.

Since in many cases those answers aren’t necessarily right, or even right at all, that might explain why some seek advice from outer space. For a fee, astrologer Vaneet Sharma and his company Astro Vastu Solutions (AVS) reportedly supply all kinds of advice.

However, when DISH offered AVS some advice for free, the cease-and-desist notice got lost in the ether and the inexorable march towards…

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