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Pirate IPTV Killer Goes Live, No Casualties to Report….Yet * TorrentFreak

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A new law passed in Italy during the summer promised a new dawn in the war against pirate IPTV providers. It soon transpired that Piracy Shield, the all-new, massively hyped anti-piracy system poised and ready to eliminate piracy had a minor flaw; it wasn’t actually ready. By law, it had to launch yesterday, and reportedly it did just that, albeit with a couple of tiny caveats….

Bigtech-sBigtech-sWhen Italian lawmakers finally passed new law in the summer designed to crack down on pirate IPTV providers once and for all, powerful Serie A football clubs, broadcasters, and influential business associates, breathed a joint sigh of relief.

The tools needed to avert the imminent destruction of Italian football had finally been enshrined in law following a massive lobbying and media campaign.

Four years earlier, a similar ‘Piracy Kills Football‘ campaign launched to dire warnings that the destruction of Italian football was imminent then. Yet somehow,…

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