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Pirate IPTV “Scam Judgment” Worth Millions Aimed to “Terrorize” Hosting Companies * TorrentFreak

thunder-lightningFiled in February 2022, a DISH Network copyright infringement lawsuit demanded $32.5m in damages from UK-based CDN company DataCamp.

The complaint alleged that DataCamp failed to take appropriate action against 11 pirate IPTV services flagged by DISH as repeat infringers, through the sending of more than 400 DMCA notices to DataCamp.

Similar lawsuits have become fairly common in recent years and when copyright holders prevail, damages awards can reach hundreds of millions of dollars. It’s therefore no surprise when defendants, including ISPs and hosting providers, find themselves under considerable pressure to settle.

Earlier this year the parties in the DISH matter said that a settlement was being discussed for a second time, just as DataCamp found itself under mounting pressure in an increasingly complex case.

Dramatic developments this week indicate that an amicable settlement is of no interest to DataCamp. The company’s answer and counterclaims contain allegations that,…

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