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Pirate IPTV Service Glo TV Faces $25m Lawsuit, Resellers’ Feet Held to the Fire * TorrentFreak

flaming tv-sflaming tv-sWhen U.S. broadcaster DISH Network files another new lawsuit in the U.S., targeting various players in the IPTV ecosystem, the company maintains a long tradition of legal action that aims high and goes in hard.

While DISH headlines all of these lawsuits with various appearances from Nagra and subsidiary Sling TV, behind the scenes DISH receives support from fellow members of IBCAP, the International Broadcaster Coalition Against Piracy. From monitoring and detection, content watermarking, DMCA takedown notices, to full-blown investigations, many tasks are handled under the anti-piracy group’s umbrella – and inside the IBCAP lab.

We’ll take two, no need to erase any drivesIBCAP labIBCAP lab

Retailer, Wholesaler, ‘Manufacturer’, DISH Likes to Meet Them All

A legal tactic less commonly seen elsewhere sees DISH target U.S.-based retail outlets that resell pirate IPTV subscriptions (and/or pre-configured set-top boxes) offering content to which DISH holds U.S. rights. Small or large, these…

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