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Pirate Site Blocking Agency Reveals How and Why Pirates Circumvent Blocking * TorrentFreak

lockpick-sThis year, major rightsholders are hoping that data from similar programs overseas will persuade Congress that site-blocking is a measured and reasonable response to surging worldwide piracy rates.

The usual entrenched positions on whether site blocking is, or indeed is not, a type of censorship in conflict with free speech, will be heard once again. Yet on more neutral territory lies a debate that receives relatively little attention.

Proponents of site blocking insist that it’s an essential front line response to piracy and data shows that it really does work. The other side of the coin shows that since the introduction of site-blocking, with a few dozen ‘notorious’ sites blocked in a handful of mainly European countries, when taken as a whole, piracy rates have only increased.

That’s despite some nations’ blocklists easily exceeding 10,000 entries, a perpetual need to continuously add more domains and IP addresses, and more quietly behind the scenes, demands for…

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