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Sony Music’s legal efforts have produced a major breakthrough. As the result of a German blocking order, DNS provider Quad9 now blocks global access to music piracy site CannaPower. The operator of the site doesn’t appear to be impressed so far, noting that it doesn’t really hurt traffic. “They will never get us down,” the operator says, adding that moving to the Tor network remains an option as well.

cannapowerFounded in the last millennium, CannaPower must be one of the oldest pirate sites still around today.

The site currently indexes more than 50,000 audio releases, which are shared through external hosting platforms.

CannaPower Blocking Efforts

With roughly a million monthly visits, mostly from Germany, the download portal is large enough to appear on the music industry’s radar. In fact, it’s become one of the prime enforcement targets and an anti-piracy guinea pig of sorts.

When German Internet providers teamed up with copyright…

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