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Pirate Site Owners Must Surrender, Informants Get Five-Figure Reward * TorrentFreak

p-cok-logoAnti-piracy outfits come in all shapes and sizes and due to the nature of the business, there has been no shortage of controversies over the years, some justified and others less so.

More recently, a strategy that has been seen only a handful of times before, has been playing out on social media. Protecting the interests of South Korean company Kakao Entertainment, the company’s ‘P.CoK’ anti-piracy unit has been engaging friend and foe alike, hoping to suppress piracy of local comics known as webtoons.

In Kakao’s latest report covering June to December 2023 (pdf), the company said its anti-piracy team had removed over 7.4 million pieces of pirated content and over 201 million links to pirated content.

Source: P.CoK Anti-Piracy Whitepaper Vol.4p-cok-removals

Other anti-piracy work reported for the period includes legal action against pirate site operators and translation groups, civil/criminal action through local subsidiaries and overseas affiliates, establishing response strategies in…

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