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Pirate Sites Face a More Challenging Hosting Climate in Europe * TorrentFreak

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Law-abiding hosting providers don’t openly and explicitly welcome pirate sites. At the same time, many of these third-party service providers have historically taken a neutral position in copyright conflicts. However, under EU law and supporting legal precedents, hosting companies are required to take action against infringement, as doing nothing can become quite costly.

serverastraEarlier this month, torrent search engine MagnetDL mysteriously went offline, and there’s still no trace of the site today.

The site had previously gone offline after it faced copyright-related hosting challenges, which may have also played a role in its disappearance.

MagnetDL’s recent troubles were followed by the voluntary shutdown of pirate streaming site Animeflix a few days ago. While both sites operate in different niches and have nothing to do with each other, at some point they shared the same hosting company.

Hosting MagnetDL and Animeflix?

Data suggests that both…

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