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Pirate Streaming Giant FMovies Hasn’t Updated in a Week * TorrentFreak

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FMovies is one of the most visited pirate sites in the world, streaming movies and TV series to the masses. Anti-piracy groups have had the operators in their sights for a while, but thus far the site has managed to survive. Today, FMovies remains online, but new releases have been noticeably absent for a while.

fmovies logoWith more than half a billion site visits in just three months, pirate streaming site FMovies is seen as a major threat by Hollywood.

The pirate site rivals legal streaming platforms such as Disney+ in web traffic and has become the poster child for rejuvenated site blocking proposals in the U.S. Congress.

Pressure Mounts

To illustrate the brazenness of the site, lawmakers in Congress got a demo of the site from MPA’s Senior Executive Vice President, Karyn Temple, late last year. This showed how easy it is to stream the latest movies and TV shows in one of the best secured buildings in the country.

The operators of FMovies, who allegedly reside…

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