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Pirate Streaming Giant Was Bigger Than Netflix, Now It’s Gone * TorrentFreak

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With more web traffic than Netflix and Disney, pirate streaming site was hugely popular in Portugal. A few days ago the site mysteriously went offline without any word from its operators. No anti-piracy agency has taken credit either, but ACE says that it obtained several disclosure orders related to the site in recent weeks.

pobreTwo years ago, the Motion Picture Association (MPA) reported the Portuguese streaming site MrPiracy to the U.S. Trade Representative.

The Hollywood anti-piracy group described the site as a notorious pirate operation that should be dealt with accordingly.

Whether this diplomatic lobbying effort had a direct effect is not clear, but shut down a few weeks later. Interestingly, however, it didn’t take long for another site to step up and take its place. Rises

The successor was, where Pobre is Portuguese for ‘poor’. The site offered many thousands of movies and TV shows free of charge and…

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