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Pirate Streaming Site Goes Offline Following ACE Action * TorrentFreak

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Popular pirate streaming site was taken down by its operator this weekend, in response to enforcement action by anti-piracy group ACE. With more than 12 million monthly visits, Vumoo was one of the more popular piracy portals. The site was presumably being operated from Vietnam, where many of the largest pirate sites and services still reside today.

vumooThe Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) is the world’s most active anti-piracy coalition, initiating and assisting enforcement efforts around the world.

Most anti-piracy actions are focused on streaming sites and services, many of which are located in or operated from Vietnam.

ACE previously visited Vietnam and met with government officials to explore potential solutions to address the problem. However, aside from some incidental successes, the problem persists.

Earlier this year, rightsholders flagged the Asian country as a ‘haven’ for pirate sites. In…

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