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Plex Asks GitHub to Take Down ‘Reshare’ Repository Over Piracy Fears * TorrentFreak

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Plex is a multi-functional streaming platform that allows users to watch, organize, and curate their favorite media entertainment. Sharing Plex libraries is also an option; one that comes with piracy concerns. In an effort to “avoid the growth of piracy”, Plex asked GitHub to remove a repository that allows people to reshare libraries that were not originally theirs.

plex logoPlex is a multifunctional media software and service that allows users to easily access all of their entertainment in one place.

The company was founded in 2009 and today boasts more than 25 million users globally, making Plex a serious player in the streaming market.

Plex Pirates

Most people use the service to access streaming content legitimately. On the fringes, however, some users abuse the software to share pirate libraries publicly, a considerable thorn in the side for rightsholders.

Plex is not oblivious to the ‘piracy’ threat. The company is actively working with…

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