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Police Raid Pirate IPTV Provider Offering Sky TV, Seized Material “Identifies Users” * TorrentFreak

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A man suspected of operating a pirate IPTV service in Italy faces the dubious honor of becoming a prosecution and sentencing guinea pig under the country’s new anti-piracy law. Police shut down the provider following an investigation into piracy of Sky TV channels. Referencing material seized during the raid, police say “it will be possible to identify the names of end users.”

gdf-iptv-bust-2The Italian government, lawmakers, telecoms regulator AGCOM, broadcasters, and football leagues invested considerable resources to get new law over the finishing line in July.

While one aspect of the law focuses on blocking access to pirate services, another ramps up punishments for those caught supplying illegal streams and customers who buy subscriptions to watch them.

Financial Police Raid Pirate IPTV Provider

In what may be the first major action following the introduction of the new law, Italy’s Guardia di Finanza (GdF) says it has shut down an…

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