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Police Website Offers Pirated Live Sports Streams as IPTV FOIA Requests Denied * TorrentFreak

police-uk-foiapolice-uk-foiaFor the past few years, regional police forces in the UK have shown a growing interest in cracking down on those involved in the supply of illegal streams.

With regional organized crime units now part of the mix, joint press releases featuring police, the Premier League, Sky, and the Federation Against Copyright Theft, report enforcement action on a fairly regular basis. The importance of protecting copyright holders from criminal groups is the overriding message but for the last 12 months in particular, emphasis has shifted to include those who consume pirated content too.

A see-saw of deterrent messaging warns consumers not to become a victim of crime, through malware, fraud, and identity theft, for example. As that pushes pirates down on one side, the journey back up sees the same people warned of potential convictions for fraud, in this case for obtaining services dishonestly.

Baseless Threats or Genuine Intent?

Recent coordinated amplification of these threats in the…

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