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Popular “AI Hub” Discord Taken Down Following Copyright Complaints * TorrentFreak

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In just a few months, “AI Hub” became a massively popular Discord server with over half a million members. While copyright infringement was strictly forbidden, not all users stuck to the rules. This previously raised the attention of the RIAA, and now appears to have caused the server’s downfall after it was suddenly shut down.

doscordArtificial intelligence is booming. Dozens of companies are enthusiastic about its potential and many regular people are tinkering with it too.

The ‘AI Hub’ Discord server was the place to be for true AI enthusiasts. In just a matter of months, it grew from zero to a thriving community of more than 500,000 members.

Through the server, people shared the latest tips and tricks, new developments, but also complete models. They included voice models of popular musicians including Bruno Mars, Frank Sinatra, Rihanna, and Stevie Wonder.

Whether the models themselves are infringing is a question yet to be answered in…

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