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Last weekend, popular torrent tracker FileList announced that it would soon shut its doors forever. A change in life priorities and an absence of trusted and skilled successors were mentioned as the main reasons. The decision triggered an outpouring of support and two people have stepped forward to keep the site going. This includes “God”, one of FileList’s original founders.

filelistWith millions of monthly visits, FileList is one of the largest private torrent trackers.

The site has been around for sixteen years and weathered many storms, including a crackdown by Romanian law enforcement which seized its domain name in 2020.

Last weekend, the journey appeared close to an end when the site’s main operator, EboLLa, decided that he would rather spend time on other parts of his life. With no trusted successor in sight, shutting down appeared to be the only viable option.

Many people would volunteer to take over, but leaving the tracker in the hands…

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