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Positive Cues Make Online Piracy Confessions More Honest, Research Finds * TorrentFreak

sharing is caringPiracy is a complicated phenomenon but most consumer research surveys on the topic are relatively straightforward.

Since most pirates don’t like to have their online activity monitored, piracy studies generally rely on self-reported data instead.

These types of surveys are very common in all sorts of areas but they tend to come with several inherent biases. That’s particularly true if respondents are asked about behavior that’s against the law, which applies to piracy in most parts of the world.

One can imagine that some people, consciously or not, will downplay how often they use pirate sites and services. The opposite could be true for more defiant personality types, of course.

Making Piracy Confessions More Honest

Most researchers take these biases for granted and assume that comparisons over time will still be able to spot important trends. However, a new working paper from University of Portsmouth researchers suggests a simple way to make pirates more ‘honest’…

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