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Premier League IPTV Piracy Clickbait Reaches New Low, But Will Go Lower * TorrentFreak

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As elements of the UK media continue to stomp on reality in exchange for piracy-related clicks, a new story doing the rounds has managed to reach a new low. Accompanied by the usual dire warnings, the stories claim that a new overseas anti-piracy system has Brits “braced for a crackdown” because it could “stop Brits watching illegal streams for good.” Perhaps the Premier League should buy this system right now? Yeah, about that.

clown-dmcaBeing able to receive and impart knowledge and ideas with other people is one of the most important things any human will ever do.

The information shared or received won’t always be accurate, even if we believe it is. It might not be accurate even if it appears in several widely read online newspapers. All anyone really expects is a tiny effort to ensure that they aren’t being fed fabricated nonsense made up on the spot.

Apparently, even that’s too much to ask; illegal streaming detector cars, really?


You can read the full Torrent Freak article here

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