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Premier League Puts Another IPTV Pirate in Prison; Spot The Subtle Messaging * TorrentFreak

footballWhen companies want to increase sales of their products, marketing teams work extremely hard to ensure that the target audience receives exactly the right message at precisely the right time.

Anti-piracy campaigns may feel a little different due to messaging that deters sales; those relating to piracy services or devices, for example. However, at their heart anti-piracy campaigns are simply marketing campaigns tailored to a specific audience, using messaging that aims to uproot deeply entrenched consumption habits by focusing on the negatives of a rival (and illegal) product.

When sent out to dozens of news publications, many of which are happy to deliver that messaging almost verbatim, campaign press releases can enjoy significant exposure. That’s exactly what happened again on Thursday and Friday following news that yet another man from the UK will be spending a considerable time behind bars; marketing cost to the Premier League: £0.00.

36 Months in Prison For IPTV…

You can read the full Torrent Freak article here

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