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Premier League Targets Dozens of Illegal Streaming Sites in U.S. Court * TorrentFreak

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It’s relatively rare for the English Premier League to venture into the United States in search of pirates, but a new court filing makes up for lost time. An application filed at a California court seeks assistance from Cloudflare to identify the operators of dozens of illegal streaming sites after they provided access to matches featuring big clubs including Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Arsenal.

premier leaguepremier leagueEarly December the English Premier League announced a new broadcasting rights deal worth a staggering £6.7 billion (US$8.5 billion).

Running for four seasons from the 2025-26 campaign, the deal will see broadcasters Sky and TNT take the live games and the BBC continue with its popular highlights package.

Amazon, which has been licensing Premier League games since 2019, hoping to drive customers towards its Prime service, wasn’t awarded a single match. In parallel, UK tabloid Daily Mail has taken a sudden and unusual interest in Amazon…

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