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Premier League Targets SportsHub, GiveMeRedditStream & FreeStreamsLive * TorrentFreak

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The Premier League has obtained a new blocking order in the UK, targeting three pirate sites receiving over 20 million visits per month. One of the targets is SportsHub, a site that’s now generating enough traffic to make it one of the UK’s top 1,000 most-visited sites, period. The surge in traffic coincides with a UK anti-piracy campaign that aims to deter consumption of pirated football streams.

The big debate over the effectiveness of site-blocking measures will form part of the discussion in the United States this year as Hollywood promotes piracy blocking on home turf.

Elsewhere in the world, Europe in particular, proponents of site-blocking claim it’s effective at preventing access to pirate sites, at the same time as traffic to pirate sites continues to rise.

In the UK, where pirates have been soaked in negative messaging and in some cases, banged over the head with piracy horror stories for more than a year, the underlying

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