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Private Torrent Tracker FileList to Shut Down After 16 Years * TorrentFreak

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One of the world’s largest private BitTorrent trackers, Filelist, has announced it will shut down soon. The site has been in operation for sixteen years and enjoys millions of monthly visits, mostly from Romania. Site admin EboLLa has chosen to devote time to other parts of life and without a trusted successor, it’s best to close the doors.

filelistPrivate torrent sites, or private trackers as they are commonly known, have a special place in the piracy ecosystem.

These sites tend to be more community-oriented than public torrent and streaming sites, which most people simply visit with a hit-and-run mentality.


Many private trackers have come and gone over the years. The Romanian-based tracker is one of the bigger ones to survive, although it came close to shutting down a few years ago when Romanian authorities seized its domain name.

The enforcement action was a wake-up call for both staff and users of the members-only tracker,…

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