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Pro-Plex News Articles on Facebook Deleted By Markscan On Behalf of Plex * TorrentFreak

On January 1, 2024, TorrentFreak published a review of the wrongful DMCA notices filed against us in 2023, either directly via email or at Google demanding deindexing of our articles.

Our small request for 2024 was not unreasonable: stop sending us bogus copyright notices. At the start of 2023, anti-piracy outfits managed to leave us alone for almost three weeks but this year couldn’t manage 24 hours. On January 2, we received another bogus complaint from DigiGuardians, followed by a second on January 3, and four more in the space of one minute on Thursday.

In total the notices demand the removal of 206 URLs that allegedly link to pirated movies. We can’t help in any way; none of the links have anything to do with us, they’re not even on our domain. South American news site Hollogram TV informs TF that their copyright complaint problems relate to just two URLs, but the consequences for them could be much more severe.

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You can read the full Torrent Freak article here

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