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PropellerAds Rebuts MPA’s ‘Libelous’ Piracy Allegations * TorrentFreak

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PropellerAds has hit back at the MPA after the Hollywood-backed group nominated the business as a “notorious market” that facilitates piracy. The advertising company characterizes the report as factually wrong and libelous. The company further reminds the US Government that Hollywood also framed the VCR as an illegal technology years ago.

propelleradsWith a reach of a billion users and 10,000 new advertising campaigns per week, PropellerAds is a major player in the online advertising industry.

The Cyprus-based company works with advertisers and publishers from all over the world. Many of these are legitimate companies, but there are likely some bad apples in the bunch too.

MPA’s List of Notorious Markets

A few weeks ago Hollywood’s MPA listed the company as a potential candidate for the US Trade Representative‘s annual list of “notorious markets”. In the overview, the advertising outfit is flanked by traditional pirate sites such as The Pirate Bay and…

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