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Putin’s Cinema Fund Rejects Movie Piracy, Fuming Cinema Boss Demands Barbie * TorrentFreak

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In Russia, where various factions are in disagreement over the best way to permit piracy of Hollywood movies, new wildcards have entered the equation. The government-backed Cinema Fund says piracy carries “reputational risks” and that would be “inappropriate” right now. A furious cinema chief has accused the fund and government of protecting Western copyright holders. He says that Russia needs pirated copies of Barbie in cinemas, sooner rather than later.

confusingIf piracy had its own Olympics, Russian competitors would be among the favorites to bring home the gold, or so the stereotype dictates.

Yet for the last 18 months, multiple threats to legalize piracy of Western movies have not only faltered, but have thus far reached no obvious conclusion. From former president Dimitry Medvedev who called for mass piracy out of spite, to reluctant cinema workers with no movies to screen but families to feed, the value of Hollywood’s movies was there for the…

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