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RARBG’s Demise Gave These Torrent Sites a Huge Boost in Traffic * TorrentFreak

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After an extraordinary run, torrent site RARBG shut itself down in May with no advance warning. With no time to prepare for the site’s disappearance and no obvious ability to proactively take up the slack, users would simply have to stand by and let nature take its course. Three months later it appears that numerous well-known torrent sites have turned RARBG’s loss into healthy wins.

rarbgThe sudden closure of torrent site RARBG three months ago will be remembered as one of the most significant since the invention of the protocol, and despite competition from a laundry list of candidates.

Operating a large public torrent site for 15 years is a considerable feat. Doing so in an incredibly hostile environment, as one of the world’s most recognizable ‘pirate’ brands, is certainly unusual. Doing so with virtually no downtime and without any assistance (or protection) from Cloudflare is absolutely unprecedented.

RARBG made everything look…

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