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RCN Faces Another Multi-Million Dollar Piracy Lawsuit * TorrentFreak

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Internet provider RCN has yet another piracy liability lawsuit to deal with in the new year. Screen Media Ventures, one of the largest independent movie and TV-series distributors, claims the ISP can be held liable after subscribers downloaded and shared hundreds of the company’s films. Screen Media Ventures previously tried to join a related suit but filed its own when a federal court denied the request.

justicejusticeUnder U.S. copyright law, Internet providers must terminate the accounts of repeat copyright infringers “in appropriate circumstances.”

The law doesn’t specify what these circumstances are but in recent years federal courts have provided more context.

Cox and Grande Communications were both ordered to pay many millions of dollars in damages, for example. While these cases are under appeal, new ones are being filed at U.S. courts.

Internet provider RCN, which operates under the Astound brand, has been one of the most frequent…

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