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Reckless DMCA Deindexing Pushes NASA’s Artemis Towards Black Hole * TorrentFreak

clown-dmcaclown-dmcaThere’s no question that content creators should have the ability and means to protect their work.

Those who rely on easily copied images to generate income face a stark choice; allow third-parties to illegally profit from illicit copies that may even outrank the originals in Google search, or spend time and money fighting back.

For an increasing number of OnlyFans and Instagram models, hiring companies that offer cut-price DMCA takedown services may seem like the perfect solution. The reality is that cheap can come at a cost.

Reckless takedown practices, with creators’ names necessarily associated with them, are punishing other innocent creators by demanding that all record of their work is deindexed from Google search.

[NSFW] The takedown notices below contain explicit language

Artemis: Goddess of the Moon

As the crew of Artemis 2 prepare to become the first humans to fly to the moon since 1972, the possibilities of space travel are once again igniting imaginations globally….

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