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Record Labels Shut Down FileWarez, Brazil’s Oldest Pirate Forum * TorrentFreak

filewarez-gonefilewarez-goneAt a time when an older generation of file hoarders were still coming to terms with the disappearance of BBS-based communities, new friendships were being built in support of the next big thing.

Peer-to-peer technologies such as Napster, Gnutella, FastTrack, and BitTorrent, revolutionized file-sharing but without the support of dozens of thriving forum-based communities, where people shared P2P tutorials, tips, news, and each other’s company, things may have gone quite differently.

Still, having served their purpose, many forums found themselves deserted too, their members lured away by the temptations of social media. Others were just getting started.

19+ Years Ago, FileWarez Was Born

As far as we know, Brazil-based file-sharing forum first appeared in August 2004, its domain name having been registered the previous month. The default language was naturally Portuguese and according to this image from the Wayback Machine, potential members needed a basic grip of…

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