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Reddit Doesn’t Have to Share IP-Addresses of Piracy Commenters, Court Rules * TorrentFreak

reddit-logoreddit-logoEvery day, millions of people from all over the world submit posts, comments, and other content to Reddit.

In many cases, discussion comments are read and soon forgotten but several old threads were brought back to life recently as part of piracy liability lawsuits.

The comments in question were picked up by Kerry Culpepper, a copyright attorney who leads several piracy lawsuits against Internet providers on behalf of independent film companies. While they say they’re not interested in pursuing legal action against these people, their comments could serve as important evidence.

Filmmakers Try to Unmask Redditors

Early last year, the film companies subpoenaed Reddit for the first time, requesting the personal details of several users. Reddit refused to cooperate, defending their users’ right to anonymous speech, and found a California federal court in agreement.

In a second attempt a few weeks later, several film companies sent a similar subpoena to Reddit. This time, the…

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