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Relentless Genshin Impact Leakers Face Cognosphere’s Attorneys Yet Again * TorrentFreak

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Genshin Impact publisher Cognosphere has gone to court in the United States multiple times hoping to obtain the identities of people who deliberately leak details of game updates ahead of the official schedule. The company went to court again yesterday, this time focusing on four Twitter accounts posting leaked content that went on to be viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

genshin-small99genshin-small99New figures published by CharlieIntel predict that free-to-play, action role-playing game Genshin Impact, will have 63 million players in November alone.

These impressive figures suggest that the game’s developers give gamers want they want but for a significant subset of Genshin Impact players with specific needs, that itch has to be scratched elsewhere.

The overwhelming urge to obtain or merely catch a glimpse of videogame content before its official release is a condition as old as gaming itself. In today’s social media-powered arena, those with access to leaked…

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