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Researchers File Intervention Application To Fight ISP Blocking * TorrentFreak

Sci-HubEleven months ago, academic publishers Elsevier, Wiley, and American Chemical Society filed a lawsuit in India demanding that local ISPs should block subscriber access to Sci-Hub and Libgen.

In common with similar injunction applications in other regions, the companies accused Sci-Hub and founder Alexandra Elbakyan of engaging in massive infringement due to the making available of copyrighted content without their permission.

Since tackling the platforms directly has proven fruitless, ISP blocking is the only real option to protect their rights, they argued.

Early January 2021, scientists, academics, teachers and students came out in opposition to the blocking application. As a result, Justice JR Midha at the Delhi High Court said that dissenting voices would be heard before a final decision is made, adding that the case and its implications were a matter of “public importance“.

Group of Academics Join The Legal Battle

Assisted and represented by the Delhi-based Internet…

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