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Researchers Showcase Decentralized AI-Powered Torrent Search Engine * TorrentFreak

decentralized networkTwenty-five years ago, peer-to-peer file-sharing took the Internet by storm.

The ability to search for and share content with complete strangers was nothing short of a revolution.

In the years that followed, media consumption swiftly moved online. This usually involved content shared without permission, but pirate pioneers ultimately paved the way for new business models.

The original ‘pirate’ ethos has long since gone. There are still plenty of unauthorized sites and services, but few today concern themselves with decentralization and similar technical advances; centralized streaming is the new king with money as the main motivator.

AI Meets BitTorrent

There are areas where innovation and technological progress still lead today, mostly centered around artificial intelligence. Every month, numerous new tools and services appear online, as developers embrace what many see as unlimited potential.

How these developments will shape the future is unknown, but they have many…

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