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RIAA Ramps Up Efforts to Remove Music Download Apps from Google Play * TorrentFreak

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Over the past month, the RIAA has sent dozens of takedown notices to Google, asking the company to remove problematic apps from its Android app store. The targeted apps advertise themselves as music download tools. This includes the popular “Video and Music Downloader” app that was downloaded more than five million times.

google playGoogle’s Play Store offers a vast library of millions of apps, in pretty much every category imaginable.

Most of the software is perfectly legitimate but there are some problematic apps too, including those that can be abused by pirates.

Over the years, rightsholders have reported many thousands of apps, often for copyright infringement. While some of these takedown notices are questionable, most pirate apps quietly disappear from the platform.

The RIAA is one of the entertainment industry outfits keeping an eye on Google Play. The anti-piracy group is known to target stream-rippers that allow people to download music…

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