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RIAA Reports AI Vocal Cloning Site ‘Voicify’ to the U.S. Government * TorrentFreak

voicifyOver the past year, new artificial intelligence tools and services have been surfacing everywhere.

This AI boom followed the success of ChatGPT and many people believe these recent developments are just the beginning.

While entrepreneurs and the public at large are mostly focused on the new possibilities the technology offers, many copyright holders are focused on potential threats. This includes the music industry’s anti-piracy arm, the RIAA, which previously took action against a popular AI-related Discord server that was shut down last week.

Artificial intelligence also makes an appearance in the RIAA’s latest overview of foreign sites and services that present copyright and other intellectual property challenges.

Responding to a request from the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR), the music group added “AI Vocal Cloning” as a new category in its annual overview of ‘notorious’ piracy markets.

“The year 2023 saw an eruption of unauthorized AI vocal…

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