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RIAA Targets ‘AI Hub’ Discord Users Over Copyright Infringement * TorrentFreak

riaa aiWith over 142k members, the ‘AI Hub’ Discord server is a thriving community that opens the door to lots of AI-related content.

There’s a wide variety of information available, including voice models of major musicians such as Bruno Mars, Frank Sinatra, Rihanna, and Stevie Wonder.

All of this information can be used to make homebrew AI tracks that mimic the sound of one’s favorite artists. This is a highly controversial topic in the music industry, with many insiders suggesting that commercial use of these models could breach copyright law.

Exactly what is allowed and what isn’t is a topic of legislative debate. In the United States, for example, Congress is actively looking into the matter through a series of hearings.

RIAA Targets ‘AI Hub’ Discord Server

The RIAA, which represents the rights of American music companies, is keeping a very close eye on the AI landscape. In a letter sent earlier this month, the anti-piracy group effectively asked Discord to shut down…

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