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Rightsholders Brand Vietnam an Online Piracy Haven & Demand Action * TorrentFreak

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The IIPA, which represents the MPA, RIAA, and other entertainment industry groups, views Vietnam as a haven for online piracy. The Southeast Asian country is considered the leading global exporter of piracy services, ‘home’ to popular brands such as Fmovies, AniWave, 123movies, and 2embed. To tackle this problem, the country should pursue criminal convictions, IIPA says.

vietnam wall flagvietnam wall flagIn recent years, copyright holders have paid close attention to a growing number of large piracy services with connections to Vietnam.

Representatives of the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), went as far as traveling to the Asian country to discuss the problem with local authorities.

The problematic sites and services, which include Fmovies, AniWave, 123movies, BestBuyIPTV, 2embed, and Y2mate, have many millions of monthly users globally. Several attempts have been made to alert the authorities to these ‘criminal’…

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