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Rightsholders Reported Five Million Unique ‘Pirate’ Domain Names to Google * TorrentFreak

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Over the past several years, copyright holders have asked Google to remove URLs from five million unique domains. These include blatant pirate sites such as The Pirate Bay, but also legal streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+. What stands out most is that a tiny fraction of all domains are responsible for the majority of the trouble.

dmca-google-s1dmca-google-s1Over the past few years, copyright holders have reported more than seven billion copyright-infringing URLs to Google.

At one point, the search engine processed close to three million links per day. A dazzling number to say the least.

In recent years the daily volume has slowly declined. This is in part due to Google’s active policy of making pirate sites less visible in search results. After years of complaints, these efforts were well received by copyright holders.

Five Million ‘Pirate’ Domains

In response to Google’s enforcement efforts and other anti-piracy measures, some pirate sites regularly…

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