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Rightsholders Urge U.S. Govt to Pave the Way for Pirate Site Blocking * TorrentFreak

blockedFor a long time, pirate site blocking was regarded as a topic most U.S. politicians would rather avoid.

This stance was a remnant of the SOPA defeat, which drove copyright holders to focus on blocking efforts in other countries instead, with success.

Those challenging times are now more than a decade old, and momentum is shifting. After more than forty countries around the world instituted site-blocking measures, including in Canada, U.S. lawmakers may be more receptive to revisiting this topic.

Future Anti-Piracy Strategies

An ideal opportunity to discuss the site-blocking potential arrived earlier this year when the U.S. Government’s Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) launched a consultation to discuss future anti-piracy and counterfeiting strategies.

Several stakeholders submitted their comments this week and while the responses cover a wide range of issues, site blocking is mentioned repeatedly.

Technically, it is already possible for rightsholders to request blocking…

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