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Rightsholders Want U.S. “Know Your Customer” Proposal to Include Domain Name Services * TorrentFreak

anonymous hackerMany people see optional anonymity as a key feature of the Internet but increasingly there are calls for stricter identity checks.

While a full-blown ‘Internet passport’ is not yet required anywhere just yet, ‘know your customer’ requirements are increasingly common as a means to deter fraud and abuse.

“Know Your Customer” Rules

In recent years, copyright holders and industry groups have argued to expand these identity verification rules to tackle the online piracy problem. These efforts have begun to pay off in Europe and, over in the United States, similar calls are heard.

In 2021, President Donald Trump signed an executive order aiming to stop foreign cybercriminals from using US-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) services. This kicked off a proposed rulemaking process to require advanced services to implement “Know Your Customer” regimes.

Last year, this proposal was followed up by an executive order from President Biden, with an added focus on…

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