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Roblox ‘Weight Lifting Sim’ Dev Gains Muscle From DMCA Counter-Notice * TorrentFreak

robloxrobloxThe last time developer Christopher Boomer appeared on our radar was back in July 2022 when he attempted to unmask thousands of alleged copyright infringers using the DMCA subpoena process.

As the developer behind the Weightlifting Simulator series of games, among others, Boomer has enjoyed extraordinary success in the Roblox community. Billions of plays of the developer’s games are an endorsement of his work; for some, it’s also a signal to publish similar if not identical games, to generate revenue for themselves.

Boomer’s earlier attempt at using the DMCA subpoena process, to unmask potentially thousands of targets, failed Roblox weighed in. While it was clear that the developer had at least some genuine claims, a DMCA subpoena was the wrong mechanism to obtain alleged infringers’ identities.

New Lawsuit Filed in the United States

A new lawsuit filed in a California court this week faces no such obstacles. The complaint states that Boomer is the author of the massively…

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