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Russia Could Unblock Pirate Sites If They Agree to Censor Their Catalogs * TorrentFreak

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More than 16 months into a war the Kremlin anticipated would be over in roughly three days, authorities in Russia continue to come up with ‘innovative’ ideas to limit the severity of the damage inflicted on its own entertainment sector. The latest plan is to start unblocking thousands of pirate sites but only if they comply with a set of stringent conditions they already ignore.

unblockerThe Ministry of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation is the government body responsible for the development and implementation of IT policy and regulation.

In common with other government departments, ‘MinTsifry’ is working hard to convince business leaders across the country that everything is going according to plan. Russia is fully capable of weathering multiple current and developing crises as long everyone pulls together, invests their own cash, and doesn’t expect any subsidies from the government, the…

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